Noeline RASOAMANDRARY,  35 years old – Madagascar: Launching her own company on the vanilla business

Noeline is coming from Madagascar where fields of Vanilla are part of the local landscape. After her education in Food Science at Madagascar, she went to China to continue her education thanks to a scholarship. Then, she was recruited to the MSc Food Identity in Europe in 2014 with E Mundus. With the competences earned into the MSc Food Identity programme, the potentiality of Vanilla from her home country becomes obvious and she had an idea with a double objective: a direct importation to EU of Vanilla sticks for a better salary to the Madagascan producers and developing innovative extraction methods to answer the professional needs of the food sector. She won the first price at an entrepreneurship contest in January 2018 and she has created her own company in the same time: Vanilla bridge. (Noeline with the big check at Agreen Startup 18/01/2018)