Mark OPPONG GYAMFI, 26 years old – Ghana: a hub for exotic Fruits from Ghana to EU and North America. 

To begin with, my name is Mark Oppong-Gyamfi, a member of the Food ID promo 7, 2017, and currently working as the Agro-Manager- Organic Project Coordinator at Golden Exotics Limited, Accra, Ghana, a subsidiary of Compagnie Fruitière, France. My job here is to manage the production of Organic Banana and Pineapple fruit production for exportation to Europe and North America.

After a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science, the beautiful story of my life began with Master Food Identity. Food ID is a complete package, with interesting courses that opened me up to immeasurable experiences and opportunities. I left as a full-grown scientist capable of handling any area in the food chain; ranging from food production, processing, local product development, quality, marketing and an expert in GI product analysis. It also gave me the opportunity to work in a multicultural setting with people from diverse backgrounds, not forgetting the rich experience obtained in five European countries and French language competence as an added advantage.

A typical experience I can remember is the Kibili project- a one-month study case that was conducted in Switzerland. It was my first time to a real case study in marketing. The aim was to explore several tools to market a start-up Avocado oil project. Quality schemes such as organic (bio) and fair trade were suggested to the association. Thanks to this case study experience, my overall Food ID studies and the French language competence, I landed on my new job just two months after the master.

Food ID is a timely program where students are trained as agents of change for the industry and personal entrepreneurial projects. Aside this, the interest of professors with respect to student development and mentoring goes beyond the two years in the master. They are always available to guide us into the unknown future and this birthed in me the confidence for a greater tomorrow.

I will end by saying that, Ghana is a hospitable country with beautiful sceneries and a hub to great beaches. If you desire a “home away from home treat”, then visit me in Accra; I will show you around and honour you with special SCB Banana (bio & fair trade), that’s if you don’t find them in any of the big supermarkets in France and across Europe.Thank you- Medaase, Nyame nhyira mo!

(published on the public FB page of the alumni association on 15 Feb 2018))