Jillean PANGAN, 31 years old – Philippines: developing GI in the Philippines

I started my journey in France in 2015 with my colleagues in Promo 7, coming from different parts of the world, wherein I have traveled and lived with in Europe in the duration of the master program. For my internship, I returned to the Philippines and worked with a Swiss organization called REDD wherein I have achieved an action research on the analysis on the potential development of geographical indications (GI) in my country. The internship entails that I collaborate with collective groups with three different products in the Philippines in different locations: the mangoes of Guimaras, the cacao of Davao and the indigenous cloth called t’nalak in Lake Sebu. These dynamic experiences have enabled me to have a collaborative spirit and be more open-minded. I am now based in Singapore, since end of 2017, working as a Sales Manager for food ingredients, for a German company called Emsland Group. The master along with my working experience in business development definitely helped me in getting this job. (Jilean has sat in the middle of the group)