Fouad ALKHOURY: From Alep, Syria to a job in France

I arrived in France in July 2015 with some knowledge of French. After a 2 month-internship on a farm, I entered the master Food Identity program; I graduated last September 2017. Two months later, I found a job as a salesman in the world of organic fruits and vegetables at “AGROBIODROM”. It mostly consists on selling the production of a group of producers in the region of Drôme to organic specialized shops.

I’m also in charge of sourcing organic dry fruits (so if you are a producer reading this please contact me!).

Working as a salesman opens my eyes to a whole different set of skills that are essential to survive in the market place.

I’m looking forward to harness my sales techniques and knowledge in the organic market, I’m also happy to exchange experiences with experts in the same domain. (Fouad at the Cooperative Agrobiodrom)