Antoine JOURDAIN, 27 years old – France : A cheese unit production in farm by crowdfunding

Antoine Jourdain, graduated from the master Food Identity in September 2014, had always wanted to manufacture himself cheese on the family farm “La Bigottière”. To meet the challenge, he has launched crowdfunding.

The young man wants not only to create a business also wants to have a meaning: “which for me is materialized by sustainable development”. “It’s been 150 years since my family came here, I am attached to these values. My parents work on this farm “La Bigottière”, before them, my paternal grandparents, and even before, my grandmother’s family, the Bouvier “, tells Antoine.

Previously, Antoine Jourdain carried out internships with recognized professionals in the environment where he continued to learn about cheese “a magic and complex product”. Back in his village, what he wants is to associate his product with his terroir. The work has been long, punctuated by historical, cultural and geographical research. With “Norman” cows from the family farm, Antoine first wants to produce a camembert, “La Bigotte”, and maybe afterwards, yogurts and cottage cheese.

To begin production and to take up this challenge, which is close to his heart for “the family aspect, the link, and the stake for society”, € 10,000 are needed. He therefore launched crowdfunding via the Ulule platform: / . There is also a Facebook link: . The proposed system is the “all-or-nothing” system; if the target of € 10,000 had not been met, the donations would have been returned to the donors.

Beginning 2018, the goal has being reached and the production will soon start!

 ( when Antoine got 97% of the 10.000€!)