Application procedure

Application deadline WITHOUT ERASMUS MUNDUS SCHOLARSHIPS: first recruitments on 31 January, second recruitment on 30th April. Final recruitment July, 12 for EU residents only. For Non-EU residents, final recruitement is end of June.

If you apply for both the MSc Food IDentity programme AND Erasmus Mundus scholarships, you are not concerned by this above agenda (see Erasmus Mundus scholarships section for relevant information). the deadline for Erasmus Mundus scholarships is February 28 and the answer for the scholarship will come by email end of April.

If you apply only to MSc Food ID (and not to Erasmus Mundus scholarship) with a complete application by January 31, we get the answer in February. If your application is submitted in February or March, we will get the answer by Mid May. If you apply after mid May, you receive usually the answer in the following days of your submission. This above agenda is the one for an application ONLY for MSc Food IDentity without E Mundus scholarship. (otherwise refer to info on Erasmus Mundus scholarship section)

Application file is available on OLAGE ESA online application system:

For enrollment in September, online application is open from October of the previous year.

Your written application will be examined, then if it is accepted, you will be invited for an oral interview at ESA or by phone or skype for overseas countries.

The final selection will be done by the Pedagogical committee and the results will be communicated by email from February to July at the latest.

Should you wish to contest the final decision of the Teaching committee, please send a letter explaining your position. Your demand will be examined as quickly as possible.