Jobs and careers

Flexibility, mobility and teamwork skills are especially valuable to open opportunities for key position early in a career. The International Vintage Master provides a unique scheme to successfully integrate into professional life: it offers broad opportunities for studies and works in foreign countries. It provides emphasis on an overall approach to all winemaking steps from viticulture to marketing.

The continuous changes and globalization of the wine market have resulted in new needs for wine industries and organizations. To meet the needs of the industry, our Master’s degree aims at training flexible and innovative executives and managers. They will acquire skills to play an active role in wine quality improvement from a technical, strategic and commercial point of view. Our graduates capitalize on thorough knowledge of European viticulture and on their national and international networks, which helps them understand and work with cross-cultural partners.

What career opportunities?

The International Master of Science Vintage allows employment in the following sectors :

  •  advisory boards,
  •  wine production ,
  •  trade,
  •  related industries (laboratory, equipment),
  •  trade and distribution…

Former students have found a job as :

  • wine grower,
  • wine trade union director ,
  • wine storehouse on a vineyard,
  • domaine manager,
  • quality controller in wine trade firm,
  • area manager in wine trade firm,
  • communication officer in technical institute
  • sales manager,
  • marketing manager in a software firm, grapes purchases manager
  • wine consultant