The first semester is devoted to the concept of local Food product.
Instead of courses, during this period, you will have a full week in a pilot line where you will prepare yourself processed foods from fruits and vegetables and from milk.

You will learn the impact of the origin of the raw food on the finished goods. For example, you will see how different origins of milk (different types of cows, different types of animal foods, organic production…) impact the taste of yogurts and cheeses.

Moreover, many visits of farms, SME or shops where regional foods are produced and sold and especially during the week of study trip in Lyon in a mountain zone are programmed.

The semester continues in Italy with Sensory analysis and consumers behaviour on local and traditional food products.

Semester Module title Place ECTS
S1 Concept of the localised and typical food products
factors linked to terroir; promotion of typical products…Food processing of typical products manufacturing processes; unit operations; productions management,Quality management of typical products
methods of characterisation of typical products, quality control; risk management; physical and chemical characterisationSensory analysis and consumers perception
sensory analysis sessions on typical food products, drinks…
Angers /Lyon
(France)Angers (France)Angers (France)Piacenza (Italy)






S2 International agribusiness management
Marketing, budget, and corporate management in agribusinessAgri-food economy
Objectives for corporate management; market analysisInternational policies and regulations
Agriculture and global food production; market regulations,
European agricultural policyInternational agribusiness marketing
Marketing of food products; cost study, competition in global markets; markets and impact of low-cost foods…

Study trip
in Spain to visit regions producing typical terroir products

Cluj (Romania)
Newport (United Kingdom)Leon (Spain)







S3 Typical products and quality labels
relationship between terroir and products, quality and marketing of terroir productsManagement of food companies, competitiveness and values of intangibles assets
Planing tools; production; management; logistics

Relationship between production systems and quality of products
Production systems in clairy and meat industries; packaging; raw materials

Hygiene and quality management food hygiene principles; standards; quality references; procedures

Foreign languages
(semesters 1 ans 2, assessed during semester 3)

Case study
Use of all subjects included in master’s degree course in complex problem solving

Clermont Ferrand






S4 Professional project
real case studies; solving of issues commissioned by host companies
Your choice 30