Financing your studies/scholarships

Conditions for obtaining scholarships for mobility aids are set by funding organizations and vary from program to program.
They are subject to decision from funding organizations and should therefore not be considered a “must have”.

Students can apply for several types of scholarships

Prior to obtaining a scholarship, students must be accepted by ESA and receive a letter of acceptation into the Master Food Identity.
In addition it is on your responsibility to respect scholarship application deadlines. Only fully and correctly completed files can be submitted to funding organization. We have no link with the French government to decide which student will be granted.

There exists several kinds of scholarships. The ones offered by the French government or Campus France present in your country and scholarships offer by the European Union through the ERASMUS programs.


  • EU Erasmus+ scholarship

Erasmus student mobility (studies or internships) must not exceed 12 months per cycle (L: Bachelor’s degree – M: Masters’ degree and D: PhD.)
Students should inform the Department of International Relations of ESA about any Erasmus mobility done during their university curriculum.

  • Study mobility scholarship- Ersamus+

This scholarship only applies to study mobilities of a 3 months minimum, carried out in the following EU countries:  Italy or Romania. Scholarships amounts vary each year and depend on the total amount available. It also depends on the length of the stay abroad.

  • Intership scholarships – Erasmus+

To be eligible, students must carry out a minimum of 2 months in a company in one of the 28 member countries of the European Union listed here : Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, The Czech Republic, Romania, The United-Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden; and five other non-EU countries taking part in the program: Island, Liechtenstein, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Norway and Turkey.

  • Scholarships from the region Pays de la Loire : ENVOLEO (for EU students)

This scholarship is only awarded for study mobilities in the second year for the modules « Oenology » and «Preparing the professional project ».

Scholarship requirements

To be eligible, students should

  • currently be attending a course program (Bachelor’s degree as a minimum) in a higher education institution in Pays de La Loire for at least 1 academic year at the time of application,
  • be under the age of 30 at the time the application file is submitted,
  • be a French citizen or a EU national, or a member of The International Organization of La Francophonie
  • carry out mobility (study trip or intership) of a minimum of 13 weeks.

Type of scholarship : fixed amount of 1,000 euros
For study trip in Europe, Erasmus and Envoléo can add up.



See the list below established according to each country. You can also check on the CAMPUS FRANCE’s Scholarship catalogue available here:

Please take the time to read carefully each requirement for applying.




Deadline: 15 April, 2018

Deadline April, 2018

  • KAZAKHSTAN : Bourse Bolachak du Gouvernement kazkahstanais (CAMPUS France, Ref : bc0415)

Deadline Fall of each year

Deadline vary from year to year

Deadline March, 2018

  • SOUTH KOREA: Bourses du Gouvernement français de l’Ambassade de France en Corée – Bourses France Excellence (CAMPUS France, Ref : bc0397).

Deadline May, 2018.

Deadline March, 2018




Deadline November of each year


  • ARGENTINA: Programme BECAR (CAMPUS France, Ref: bc0810) Master level, B2 minimum in French for courses in French and a B2 in English for courses in English (TOEFL: 570 pts).


  • BOLIVIA: Bourses du Gouvernement français de l’Ambassade de France en Bolivie (CAMPUS France, Ref : bc0216) B1 in French.

Deadline September – October of each year

Deadline 10 May, 2018

Deadline May, 2018

Deadline, 31 May, 2018.

  • MEXICO: Bourses d’Etudes du Gouvernement Français – Master – 2017/2019 (CAMPUS France, Ref: bc0993) Master’s level, B2 in French, IELTS 5.

Deadline July, 2018



Deadline September


Deadline 31 January, 2018.

  • HUNGARY : Bourses du Gouvernement français de l’Ambassade de France en Hongrie (CAMPUS France, Ref : bc0409)

Deadline end of February, 2018

Le département du Conseil Général de Maine-et-Loire (Scholarship awarded only to Hungarian students)

As part of a twin program with the Comitat of Veszprem in Hungary, the Département du Maine et Loire awards financial aids to young Hungarian students wishing to study in the region Pays de La Loire (of which Angers is the capital town). Please contact us for more information.

Deadline February or April

Deadline Mid-September to October of the current year



Deadline 31 March, 2018


ESA scholarships

Students can also apply to ESA financial support which consists in reducing tuition fees or offering a monthly grant. Students must submit an application letter and a financial plan to the Head of the Master. Please note that this financial support is limited to few students.

The International Relations Office and Master’s degree’s staff can help you with your application forms to scholarships.