I haven’t graduated my Bachelor’s degree yet, can I apply ?

Yes. If you graduate at the end of the academic year only, you can apply provided that :
1/ you provide us with a provisional certificate of graduation as quickly as possible,
2/ you upload your Bachelor’s degree certificate as soon as you get it (it may be after June).

I do not have any experience in the typical food products, can I apply ?
Yes but you will be asked to demonstrate interest for the food products profession.

My level in French and/or in English is not the level required. Can I apply ?

Yes, you can apply. Your level in French and English will be assessed during the interview in February and, in case your application is positively considered, you will be asked to provide French and English certificates no later than 15th June.
In the meantime, we strongly recommend you to find appropriate solutions to learn French and/or English

I have no basic level in chemistry and biology, can I apply ?
Yes. If you have a marketing/commercial background you will be asked to validate classes in chemistry and biology before the beginning of the Master

How do candidates apply ?
Connect to OLAGE (« apply » ) and follow instructions to apply online.

What is the cost of the Master ?
2016/2017 scholar fees are 4 800 € for European students and 8 300 € for non European students plus health insurance, living expenses (housing, food, phone, …) and the cost of travels between universities.

How can I find accommodation in partner universities ?
Our local university partners help students find housing in their country for the duration of their study stay.

What is the language used in class ?
Master Food Identity lectures are given in English.

Can I contact alumni  ?
No hesitation. On the alumni page you can contact alumni directly from your country.

Which king of job could I get after my Master ?
Here are some examples  :

  • Product development manager
  • Quality manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Manufacturing engineer in Agri-food sector
  • Representatives in local and regional authorities, or in professional and cross-professional bodies, in food certification bodies, in ministries, in industrial and trade businesses in the Food sector, in consulting firms.

Where can I find the application form ?
You can apply online by clicking on “Apply”.

After my 2 year Master which degree will I obtain ?
If you satisfy requirements for graduation you will obtain a ”DNM Master Domaine Sciences et Technologies”.
Regarding your study program and credits validated with our university partners you can also obtain a double degree. See our « Training/double degree » page.

When does the course program start ?
A 3 week preparatory session starts in October. The language module starts in November.

Can I work during the Master  ?
The Law allows you to work (but it is limited for international students with a student visa) but you will probably find it difficult to work outside class .

Will I be able to apply for a PhD after Master ?
Yes, each year one or two students go on a PhD in France or in another country.