Diploma degrees

The MSc Food Identity programme is a European Joint Master course delivering a mix of joint and multiple degrees.

These different degrees has national accreditations in France, in Italy and Romania. These awarded degrees confers to the graduates to possibility to continue in a PhD position.

  • In FRANCE, the degree is one single joint degree delivered by 3 institutions : Ecole Supérieure d’Agricultures, VetAgroSup Clermont and Université d’Angers.
  • This degree is named DNM or Diplôme National de Master. DNM is renewed every 4-5 years under an evaluation controled by the French ministry of education. The DNM is registered in domains of education and confers a ‘mention’. In this mention exists the track (parcours) Food IDentity which was renewed for accreditation in 2017. The complete name and reference in the French Education system is the following:

Domaine Sciences, Technologies, Santé Mention: Sciences et technologie de l’agriculture, de l’alimentation et de l’environnement Parcours : Food Identity (accredited for 2017-2021; n° 20170963; NOR : ESRS1700126A)


  • In ROMANIA: USAMV – Cluj-Napoca  the awarded degree is under the national accreditation of the Romanian Ministry of Education which has accreditated the Masterat Agribusiness of USAMV. This accreditation is renewed every year.


  • UCSC – Piacenza, Italy is delivering a Master universitario di primo livello Food-Identity (Prodotti tipici europei). This accreditation is renewed every year by USCS to the italian Ministry of Education.


A diploma jury is organised once a year to validate the track of the students. The students need to earn 120 ECTS credit to validate his/her degree. ECTS awarded in France, in Italy and in Greece are recognised by institutional partners to validate their own degree. The italian master requires, on top of this mutal recognition, a dichiarazione di valore for the previous foreign degree (BSc for example) from the Italian consulate where is obtained this degree. This declaration of value must be done before the diploma jury to obtain the Italian degree.

This situation lead to a mix of a joint degree (among French Higher Education Institutions) and other national degrees in Italy and Romania (situation called multiple degrees).