Admission requirements

Who can apply ?

  • Students wishing to further their education
  • Company staff wishing to obtain the National Diploma of Master (French DNM) by the way of adult training or to complete their knowledge with “à la carte” modules (no degree awarded)

Applications are examined individually.

Admission requirements

To attend this course, students must have successfully completed a diploma of higher education in science. It can be, for example…

a “Bachelor of Science” (3 years of scientific training or economic or sociology science), a MSc degree, or equivalent diploma for other countries.

The same admission requirements apply to company staff wishing to obtain a MSc by the way of continuing education. Each candidate will be examined individually by the Pedagogical committee.

Language level

A good level of English is compulsory (CEFL B2 or equivalent). A level of French is not required for the recruitment. However, reaching B1+ in French with French lessons during semester 1 & 2 for some teaching activities on semester 3 is mandatory. French language lessons for non French speakers is mandatory during the programme. Other languages, in particular those spoken in partner universities, are a good asset for the recruitment.

Students can attend an intensive French language course before the beginning of the Master course:

  • You can attend a French course (FLE: French as a Foreign Language) in the first 15 days of September with the other foreign students in the group. (included in the MSc fees)
  • You can also decide to come earlier in July and/or August to follow a 1 or 2 month-intensive training in French (contact us for details on possibilities).